The Project

Our focus wasn’t on the technicalities of the ski itself; it was on the customers’ experience of use and their interaction with skiing: What do you look for? What is the prevailing emotion?

Alberto Bolognesi collected the answers to these questions in over 20 years of close observation and direct dialogue with over 3000 clients he accompanied around the world. He personally tested more than 700 pairs of skis, of all brands, shapes and builds and in his laboratory, among the first in Italy, he assembled more than 1700 pairs of freeride skis.

We start from an intention, not from the product.

We weren’t looking for a run-of-the-mill commercial ski; we were looking for a superbly crafted, high quality ski that stood out in terms of agility and versatility.
A ski with a philosophy and completely Made in Italy, aesthetically appealing, shared by a community and built totally to an ethic that emphasizes sustainability.

We created them together, now choose your own.


The Ambiskis project is shared among 31 friends, each one contributing their own skills to embrace a single philosophy for a successful outcome.
It’s a community with a focus on social, economic and environmental responsibility.

You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.



Ambinskis aren’t just something you purchase or even your first pair.
They are chosen from some careful introspection around your needs, because when you know what you need, that’s when the skis will choose you as their worthy travelling companion.
The spirit is not to pursue a goal but to travel a path, free to go in any direction, ready to face the unknown and always at peace with yourself and nature.

Ambinskis means
custom built skis.
Two models,
one spirit.

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