Ambin Skis: features and models

Ambin skis are not just “craftwork”, they are the result of meticulous attention to detail comparable only to an atelier, not prêt-à-porter but haute couture; pursuing the uniqueness of a garment as if it were a work of art.

We have a truly professional production partner, totally aligned with our philosophy and with awesome skills to create perfection in what we wanted.

A partner with thirty years’ experience in producing limited series, top-of-the-range skis. Add that to an in-depth knowledge of the best suppliers and combine it with the latest technology, our skis cannot be anything but totally exclusive.

Ambin skis are made from high quality materials, huge experience, excellent skills, precision and …TIME.

I dreamed of a multi-purpose ski which allowed me to go anywhere in all conditions and that floated in the powder: so Loose was born, skiing for wide-open spaces but with a curve radius appropriate for the territories of the Alps and with tail that lifts you out of any curve. I wanted a ski not only for performance but also for exploration, to have the feeling of skiing, to feel it mine to the point of an almost out-of-body experience, watching myself ski. I wanted an ecstasy in skiing, a feeling that I had the first time, about twenty years ago, with the first wide skis of the time and that I would say “opened my mind”.

Sir. Henry Royce



It takes three weeks to make one pair of skis.
Our motto is “The devil is in the details” because our main focus is on one thing…the details.


Our skis are produced to order in limited series with 30 days delivery from day of order


All Ambin skis can be custom-made on request. Choose the core (lighter or structured) and the top (customized graphics with your logo and side color): This is Bespoke a true, unique one-off ski.

All Ambin skis


Handcrafted and with attention to every detail, Bespoke is Ambin’s custom, made-to-measure ski, a personal and unique item.

Scopri Bespoke


The par excellence ski: just the thing for right for wide open spaces, ambitious lines and huge emotions.
È da capire ma è molto intuitivo, molto facile per l’80% dei freeriders.

Scopri Loose


An all-mountain ski, versatile, agile and adaptable to any type of snow. Suitable for on-Piste skiing.

Created along the same lines as Loose but narrower underfoot – 103 mm to get a feeling of what Ambin skiing is all about. An easier ski and adaptable on compact snow.

Scopri Nimble


Designed for long climbs, it has been tested on Denali, without losing the pleasure of the descent.
Excellent flotation and torsion control structure in multiaxial fibers that reduces lateral torsion and allows to tackle even the most difficult snows in safety.

Scopri 93

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