Our concept and philosophy

“I could not find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself”.

Ferdinand Porsche

What do a mountain guide, owner of one of the most popular mountaineering stores in Italy and a business consultant with a passion for freeride and some work experience in the field of skiing have in common? Simple: they created a company to produce a totally new type of ski that didn’t yet exist. In 2017, the project takes shape by founding the company to produce the ski that wasn’t there yet.

For years we were talking about producing a ski with a soul and not only a piece of technical equipment but also a sincere and reliable travel companion.

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Choose your slope, choose your line.

We created Ambin with this spirit and with an aim to chart unbeaten trails. We want to go places where other people haven’t been.

We want to go places where other people haven’t been.

Scopri gli Sci

“Leave no trace that the wind can’t erase, don’t rely on steps taken, don’t let yourself be retained, wander in different paths, get well on your way to search again”.
Bruce Chatwin

Ambin Massif

Nestling between Italy and France, the Ambin massif groups together a series of spectacular and fascinating peaks: Monte Jafferau, Punta Col Sommeiller, Monte Ambin, Gran Cordonnier, Niblè-Ferrand, Ambin Rocca, Gros Mottet and Dents d ‘Ambin.

Isolated and wild like no other place in the Susa and Cenischia valleys

It embraces majestic glaciers, countless passes and Monte Malamot and Monte Giusalet.

Crossing the Ambin massif is an experience that goes far beyond technical performance. It is a fulfilling and regenerating mind and body experience.

Ambinskis is a project born of a shared intention and philosophy.